Dark Horse Comics they have started Dark horse games, its new division of games and digital entertainment. With two headquarters in Oregon and Shanghai, Dark horse games create games by licensing with third-party developers, as well as by IPs first party. The company will begin bringing some of its 425 characters and universes to video games, confirmed the general manager of Dark horse games, Johnny Lee, in a interview with GamesBeat.

In its 35 years of history, Dark Horse has posted famous IPs like Hellboy, Sin City, 300, Umbrella Academy, Pllar, Lady Killer, Usagi Yojimbo, Resident Alien … It’s a good time to expand as games always grow and grow, generating more profit than other forms of entertainment. In order to Dark horse2020 was a good year for comics and publishing, with good profit growth, Lee said.

Dark horse games is in negotiations with some of the largest studios in the world to create AAA under licenses based on titles of Dark Horse Comics. They will be released in the coming years on PC, consoles, mobiles and cloud services. “We are very focused on finding the right partner for development with our IPs“Lee said. Dark horse It does not yet have members to do an AAA with their IPs, so it will try to negotiate with companies that can.

Therefore, you will create your own internal development studio to work on IP-based games famous or not. “We have perennials, like Hellboy, who always generate interest to make games and collaborations“, He said. “We and our partners can assess whether a story and universe would fit in games with in-house development and design. I think a lot of AAA developers I’ve talked to prefer to build the core of the game and then adapt the IP, rather than just plug it in.“.

Dark Horse Comics is at the intersection of consumer entertainment, production, and publishing. We are one of the few companies that have IPs agile enough to coordinate strategies on multiple platforms, a great advantage in games and digitally.“. DHC hasn’t gotten into games much, but they licensed in 2008 a game called Hellboy: The Science of Evil, edited by Konami and developed by Krome Studios and Big Ant Studios.

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We are in talks with all kinds of developers and are open to all kinds of nice creative ideas, even indie studios with cool stuff about our IPs“.

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