Xiaomi HyperCharge carga rápida 200W

Xiaomi HyperCharge reaches 200W fast charging with cable and 120W wireless

It is not the first time we have seen Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and OnePlus compete for the podium in the development of the most powerful fast charging technology for smartphones, but this time, no doubt Xiaomi HyperCharge has taken the lead. And it is that the Chinese company has advanced today that its new charging system is capable of reaching 200W wired, and up to 120W wireless.

Some speeds that, as we can see in the shared video by the same, they translate into impressive loading times of just 8 minutes to reach 100% of this 4,000 mAh battery equipped in a modified Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, increasing the wait to just 15 minutes under the use of wireless charging technology.


Yes OK charging technology continues to grow by leaps and boundsWith new technologies that are even leading to the total elimination of cables or wireless charging platforms by a system directly based on waves through the air, unfortunately batteries are not finishing accompanying this evolution.

And it is that unless we see changes, it is very possible that we will soon find ourselves before an important ceiling, with these fast charging systems cause the batteries to become too hot as to maintain comfortable use of the devices (at least for the first few minutes).

Finally note that, although the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra was already capable of reaching 120W via cable, as we have seen previously with these types of ads, most likely it still takes some time before this technology is actually available stops at a terminal available to consumers.

And it is that with some recently released Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra, it is most likely that the new Xiaomi HyperCharge will not see the light until next year, possibly debuting in the next generation.





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