The wide range of online games Service-oriented makes the competition really fierce. Those already established as Call of Duty Warzone are joined by new options such as Destruction AllStars. Always staying up-to-date is a fundamental requirement to guarantee staying afloat in this sector.

For this reason, Lucid Games, creators of Destruction AllStars, have already indicated what will be their next addition to the game. Faced with a shortage of players at certain times of the day and week, the developer plans to add bots that make up for those numbers. This was detailed by the company in a sub-Reddit.

With a community the size of Destruction AllStars, spread across the globe, we have peak hours and low hours of player activity for online matchmaking. Therefore, in order to guarantee a gaming experience at any time, these bots will replace the lack of players in some games.

We want to make sure the games are filled to the max with as many real players as possible, but when X number of players are missing when queuing for a match, AI bots will take the remaining spotsthe company announced. On the other hand, the competitive Blitz mode will continue to operate without bots, so that there are no injustices in the games.

It is not known when the bots will be introduced in games, nor how they will affect the players, since an AI in game has effects of all kinds on the balance of the game. Only time will tell if the game’s matchmaking problems are fixed or worse.

About a month ago, Destruction All Stars introduced Season 1 with various additions like a new mode and more. To all this, his photo mode in and a gift of 1000 points as part of Play at Home was also added a few days ago.