After a few months of waiting, Guerrilla Games and PlayStation finally revealed what they had prepared in relation to one of the new exclusives that will arrive on PS5 and PS4 in the near future. Horizon Forbidden West was seen in great detail in an extensive gameplay populated with new mechanics and visual improvements compared to the first installment.

As expected, the protagonist of the saga, Aloy was also the one who captured a few glances. Although the bulk of criticism towards the gameplay was very positive and the fans showed their approval at what was revealed; As always happens, a small group of people who are used to raising the pole of controversy began with their campaign to discredit and / or concern.

Aloy is fat. Through that elaborate comment, some social media users have complained about the appearance of heroin in Horizon Forbidden West. Beyond these criticisms, which tend to go against women (we already saw a similar case with Selene in the recent Returnal), something that also indicates the nature of those who mock and try to discredit; has been who has taken these attacks personally.

David Jaffe, whom many of you will know for being the creator of god of war, has dedicated a video to the matter in question. In this video he showed the comments of a post on Reddit that compared the physical appearance of Aloy and the change that the protagonist had made. The developer was frustrated by a specific comment.

In said comment it was established that Aloy wasn’t fat, she was just producing a lens effect which made his face appear more rounded. Many corroborated this and seemed relieved that this was an effect and not the end result. Jaffe complained that many users felt the need to have to play with a canonically attractive character to see his sexual fantasies fulfilled.

Criticism and vision that, once again, usually occurs with women. After a series of discussions, a user responded to Jaffe saying that he, precisely, he had created Kratos, a character who does not bear a great resemblance to an average man in reality; argument that is usually wielded by those who think that the modern video game is changing, for the worse, its way of representing women. Jaffe defended his creation and claimed that Kratos was a fantasy of power, not sexual and that basically, Complaining about Aloy’s physique is like complaining that there are no pretty girls on Schindler’s List.

Anyone who is really interested in playing Horizon Forbidden West regardless of Aloy’s weight, may want to take a look at the possible locations of the game: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Florida submerged … or the comparison graph between PS5 gameplay and Horizon Zero Dawn.