The developer Microids has informed today of death of Benoît Sokal, who was the company’s art director and, as we have already mentioned, creator of the adventure adventure saga Syberia. The studio shared the news showing their regret at this loss. The artist and developer passed away at the age of 66 on Friday, May 28.

In a small post, Microids shared that Sokal had finally been unable to overcome a disease that he had been struggling with for a while. A true visionary and extremely talented artist, Benoît left an indelible mark on the history of Microids. His distinctive style made the various universes he built unforgettable for thousands of players around the world, commented the developer.

Passionate about drawing, Benoît Sokal began his career as an artist in the magazine À Suivre in 1978. There he gave life to his first creation, Inspector Canardo, an anthropomorphic detective with a few addictions. But it was not until 1996, when he began his career in the world of video games with Amerzone.

Years later, his best known work would arrive, when in 2002 launched Syberia as the art director of Microids. This game was followed by its sequel in 2004, which had a great impact on the landscape of graphic novels turned into video games. With Syberia 3 Benoit would develop one of his most personal projects adapting traditional drawing techniques in the digital creative process.

In the last few months, Benoît Sokal continued working on Syberia: The World Before. All this work did not make him abandon his original passion and in 2010 he managed to launch the graphic novel Kraa in 2010.

Rest in peace Sokal, our condolences to his family and friends. As a humble tribute, here we leave you the analyzes of some of his most recognized works such as Syberia 2 or Syberia 3.