The world of sports is always updating and adding changes. The transfer market, transfers, squad adjustments and many other news are constant in football, as in video games. If we put both together, as happens in FIFA 21 and other installments of the saga, we have a almost constant update work.

Well, that is precisely what EA Sports FIFA refers to. The developer is looking for fans who want to collaborate with the studio in organizational work, regarding the database of players, teams, their respective squads and other changes. The creators of FIFA 21 seek Data Reviewers.

The task of these players would be to maintain fluid communication with EA Sports to inform and determine data on FIFA 21 players and future deliveries, adjust ratings, signings and even guarantee the appearance of each of the stars of the game. In short, the task of a Data Reviewer would be to provide support to the development team.

Electronic Arts specifies that this is about voluntary and unpaid work. However, the passage of time could cause him to go from this position to that of Data Editor, where said fan would be assigned a specific football club and this would go on to directly edit all the data that we mentioned before and more.

This position would be paid and a contract of approximately nine months would be guaranteed, that would determine a series of obligations, such as dedicating a number of hours per month to edit the database of the FIFA release that boasts. This initiative is not the first time that it has been taken by the EA Sports.

If you are interested in this offer, here you can register. FIFA 21 is one of the best-selling games of the year. In fact, it has been learned that FIFA 21 Ultimate Team generated $ 3,000 per minute from the sale of FUT Packs.

Fountain: EA Sports