ABC Serrano presents a space full of nostalgia and fun from the hand of Zooo, a technology store specialized in repairs and located in the floor 0 of the Shopping Center. Its about Recreational Museum and the company Preservation and cultural dissemination of the video game, with which many mythical and classic recreational games of more than 30 years ago.

From the birth of video gamesAs a technological rarity, this entertainment has not stopped growing and evolving, impressing all kinds of audiences. A haunting and surprising universe that is collected in ABC Arcade, with a exhibition of emblematic pieces available to visitors.

As we have confirmed, it is in the floor 0 of the ABC Serrano Shopping Center, between the Rubén Darío and Núñez de Balboa Metro stops. It is a space to give a certain melancholy among the most adult, as well as curiosity among the younger generations, exposing some of the most representative video game machines of the 80s.

There are dedicated classic original Arcades, such as Galaxian – Namco – 1979, Pac-Man – Namco – 1980, Centipede – Atari – 1981, Off Road – Leland Corporation – 1989. Classic original Arcades like Bubble Bobble – Taito – 1986, Golden Ax – Sega – 1989, Street Fighter II, Capcom – 1991, Tetris – The Tetris Company – 1984; PinBalls as Star Wars Trilogy – Data East – 1992, Fish Tales – Williams – 1992.

It is an authentic vintage arcade to play, get excited and spread the origin and history of video games. It’s a proposal free and unique in Madrid, which bets on the video game culture that follows similar steps to cinema, pop music, comics that are already something more than entertainment.

Presented the games that will be released on Intellivision Amico, pre-installed and in physical format

ABC Arcade is the best opportunity to enjoy a unique and unrepeatable experience. In addition, it is a safe exhibition, respecting all hygiene and safety measures before the Covid-19.