Fortnite season 7 is getting closer and closer and with it a good amount of news that has not yet been confirmed, but that is already beginning to appear on the horizon, or at least, theories and speculations about what is to come. The most recent update of the battle royale has hinted that there are aliens on the way.

Fortnite patch 16.50 is the last big update before the premiere of the new season, supposedly, and the regular leakers have laid new files on the table. Beyond some extra additions, it seems that Fortnite looks to the future and its season number seven of this second chapter.

Aliens, indeed, that is what we could expect to confirm the data extracted by the dataminers. The popular HYPEX leaker revealed that an icon called AwfulDuck had been found that represents a clear alien abduction. After this, a very representative character animation also came to light.

Also, the leaker himself commented the next: UFOs will appear randomly around the map, then abduct a player or squad and they will teleport you to another location and heal your HP and shield in the process .. They also have a warning before kidnapping. While these UFOs may be added before the start of the new season, they could also be part of an alien theme for the next one.

In addition to this, another interplanetary visit seems clear. We talk about Marvel’s Loki, god of deception and Thor’s brother, whose silhouette has been captured in the loading screen that heads this article. Will the character’s arrival in Fortnite coincide with the premiere of his own series on Disney Plus? We will not lose detail of everything new that comes close to the Epic Games title.

And speaking of news and known characters, Fortnite season 6 recently anticipated the arrival of Deathstroke with his own skin, accessories and the possibility of unlocking everything for free.