On May 11, the illustrious comic book writer Gerry conway, responsible for co-creating among others The Punisher or Power Girl, bitterly protested the fact that it looks a lot like people criticize the sexualized tone of some American comic book characters, but you don’t see the same emphasis when it comes to criticizing the “hypersexualized and misogynistic works seen in some manga.” Conway alludes to the risque content that characterizes many manga, from Dragon Ball to One Piece, to name a couple.

However, all Gerry Conway did was shake the hornet’s nest, causing fans of the manga to criticize his comment and label him a hypocrite. The Power Girl character, precisely, was referred to on many occasions as a highly sexualized character.

Far from adopting a more moderate position, Conway defended his position a few days ago, emphasizing the fact that his initial criticism was directed towards those who only criticize American comics, and emphasizing that he himself has been a subscriber to Shonen jump during the 80s.

But of course, taking advantage of the fact that he was red-handed, he has gone on to refer to many of those who have criticized him for his statements towards the manga as “pedophiles who enjoy seeing images of sexualized adolescents.”

Actually, the controversy of sexualization and risque tone in the world of manga and anime is quite common, although Conway does not see it. Not too many weeks ago, the popular game Genshin Impact was approached by a flurry of criticism in this regard (and others).

What do you think? Do you think Gerry Conway is right?