If you want to play with your console or with your PC and you want to get the best possible experience, not only is it worth having a good monitor or a good television, nor with a high-level controller. You also need to get quality audio. And although the affordable option is sometimes to go for headphones, this is not the most comfortable either. You need speakers with good sound quality. These 5.1 speakers they are a great buy if you are looking for the highest quality audio.

Are the Logitech Z906, and they are a complete set of five speakers with an additional subwoofer and a small control center to manage the volume and some other options, and also a remote control. It is true that its price is expensive, because it costs about 257 euros, but the truth is that we are talking about a high quality team to play, which reaches a not inconsiderable power of 1000W.

Get this Logitech Z906 speaker system at the best price

Obviously, not everything is based on power, but in the rest of the options these speakers also present very wide possibilities. For example, we find a system of Dolby surround sound, something essential considering that it is a 5.1 sound system. Thanks to this we can enjoy a very realistic gaming experience by being able to differentiate the sounds according to the environment.

The control center that arrives with these Logitech Z906 It is another of the great virtues, as it allows us to have absolute control over the team. To begin with, it is multi-input, so we can connect several consoles, the PC, the mobile, or any other sound source simultaneously. In total we can connect five different audio sources and switch between them with a single button. This control center also allows us to select the type of virtual surround sound that we have. We can opt for 3D with 5.1, or reduce the number of channels going to 4.1 or 2.1.

And some of those options we can even control them from the remote control, so we will not even have to move from the chair.

And if you still have doubts as to whether it is worth spending that amount on this stereo, you should know that more than 9,000 buyers have purchased this sound system and have given it a positive rating. 257 euros It is a good option for a high quality speaker system such as the Logitech Z906 that will last you many years and with which you can fully enjoy games and series and movies.