WhatsApp will add the ability to migrate chats to a new phone number


Just a month ago we saw how WhatsApp added one of the most anticipated functions of users, adding the recovery and copying of chats assigned to an account and phone number between Android and iOS devices, thus greatly facilitating the change of phone without losing our data.

However, as they have now detected since WABetaInfo, the efforts of the messaging application would be going further, having now detected a new functionality that will allow us copy and migrate our chats between two different phone numbers. This means that, if we change lines without carrying our number, we can continue to maintain our history.

And it is that although this data is saved in encrypted files within our terminals and the cloud services themselves, it is still not possible to restore the backup from iCloud on Android phones or from Google Drive for iOS devices.

The most enthusiastic ones will probably point out that WhatsApp already has a feature to change phone numbers that does not delete the chats and therefore allows you to migrate your chats from one phone to another. However, this function currently present only allows these conversations to be carried out in the event that the telephone number change takes place within the same telephone.

However, this new function arrives in the middle of a wave of targeted phishing within this app, focused on stealing the account recovery codes of some unsuspecting users. And it is that perhaps WhatsApp is looking with this new functionality to eliminate the current system of codes sent by SMS, by a system and actions directly focused on the user and their devices.

At the moment this new function to migrate chats is not available in the final WhatsApp application, but given the advanced state of development that it presents, we could expect to see a prompt update in the next few weeks.

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