In the middle of the week we reported on how the streamer Amouranth had communicated that Twitch was suspending the monetization of its live shows after the controversy arising from the “new” hot tub trend that had become fashionable on the purple platform. The next episode of this plot has already been known.

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa indicated that the income earned from ads on Twitch was one of her main sources of income for her. The streamer announced that in a month he could earn between an average of $ 35,000 and $ 40,000. This reaches almost half a million dollars annually just for advertising revenue, something that you can no longer earn.

This information, as we have already commented, was published by the streamer herself in Reddit. After knowing that salary cut, many other streamers have expressed concern to Twitch’s sudden reaction and how it could affect his work. However, in the case of Amouranth, there are other sources of income.

Despite the fact that the advertising earnings are very high, the figure of the streamer rests on Twitch Prime subscriptions, other third-party subs, views, affiliate links, product sales and up to four YouTube channels with different content and themes. He even had his own company A Charmed Affair.

The reason for all this controversy rests on the type of content that this setreamer made in recent months: the Hot Tubs, direct in small pools or jacuzzis with swimwear, that generated as much sympathy as hatred and criticism. Many have complained about these practices and it appears that Twitch has already begun to mediate the conflict.

The streaming platform made the news this week after learning that the price of subscriptions would drop in most countries. Twitch has become one of the objectives of many content creators and that is, the platform not only serves to generate income by itself, but also to tell the millions that Ninja earned.