Friends is living history of television. Long live because, despite the fact that it aired its last episode almost 20 years ago, it is still on the lips of every television fan. And even more so now that HBO Max has announced the expected reunion of its protagonists in a special episode that will premiere on May 27.

If you are a fan of Friends, you should prepare your apartment for the expected reunion: have a good marathon of the series, grab the popcorn and decorate your house for the occasion. How? With this fantastic frame that imitates the one that Monica had at your door and what It costs you only 22.95 euros.

Get the frame for the Friends peephole for 22.95 euros

This handcrafted frame it is the most realistic and authentic replica you will find, because its resemblance to the frame that Monica had in her apartment is so impressive that it is practically identical. That is precisely why it is the best-selling and best-valued replica by fans, accumulating five stars in more than 2,000 ratings.

It is a frame 100% handmade made by a crafts lover who has become a prestigious brand on Amazon. The entire manufacturing process is done by the woman in her studio with high quality resin. He sands it, washes it and paints it by hand, so, despite being an exact replica, it is 100% original and you will not find any like it.

The frame measures 26 centimeters high and 20 centimeters wide and to put it you do not need to make holes or put any type of hook or velcro, nothing! It is a very light frame that It has built-in double-sided tape, so you just have to put it on the door wherever you want to place it and it will stay perfectly fixed.

Every time you walk through the door of your house, this frame will make you smile, especially if you are a fan of the series. It will add a fun touch to your entrance and everyone will recognize it., so all your visits will be impressed.

You know: an excellent nod to the most mythical sitcom on television and that only costs you 22.95 euros, totally unique and handmade. And it has fast shipping, so if you have Amazon prime or Prime Student You will receive it at home tomorrow and you can place it as soon as it arrives.