They discover the real location of Trevor’s meth lab in GTA 5

They discover the real location of Trevor's meth lab in GTA 5

Grand theft auto 5 It is one of the great releases in the history of videogames, a title that will even reach up to three generations of different consoles with the next release of the next-gen version of the fifth installment, although users are really now waiting for that Rockstar definitely ventures to release the sixth installment, which could appear over the next two or three years.

One of the reasons it takes Rockstar so many years to create a new iteration of GTA is because the map is full of details based on real life.

As you well know, the Grand Theft Auto 5 map is based on the city of Los Angeles in California, with fully traced buildings, including locations that few could have imagined, Like the real existence of Trevor’s meth lab.

Yes, Trevor philips, that hated and beloved character from the GTA 5 installment has a meth lab, and Reddit users seem to have found his real location.

Specifically, it seems to be in an abandoned liquor store in California that, although it cannot be confirmed that it is the same place, the sign is fully traced, so you have many options.

According to users in the area, this abandoned liquor store is located on California State Route 111 near Lake Salto.

It is not the first time that users have managed to find buildings in Los Angeles that are present in the game, but so far this type of small details, such as a simple laboratory, could have already found its origin, although now it seems that it is completely abandoned.

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