Overwatch celebrates its 5 anniversary with an event recovering past modes and new skins

Overwatch celebrates its 5 anniversary with an event recovering past modes and new skins

Every year, Blizzard prepares events to celebrate the anniversary of Overwatch, and 2021 is no exception. In fact, there is much to celebrate, because the game turns 5. Over three weeks, between May 18 and June 8, 2021, will take place the celebration events of the Overwatch Anniversary, with the return of past events and modes and new skins.

Over the past five years, many events and modes have defined the Overwatch metagame. So for the anniversary, brawls are coming back, with a chance to retest modes from previous seasonal events:

  • Monday: Overwatch Archives (Armored Barriers, Nuclear Fusion …)
  • Tuesday: Summer Games (Lúciobol, Lúciobol Remix)
  • Wednesday: Scary Halloween (Junkenstein’s Revenge, Junkenstein: Infinite Revenge)
  • Thursday: Scary Halloween (Junkenstein’s Challenges)
  • Friday: Winterland 2019 (Snowball fight to the death, Yeti Hunt …)
  • Saturdays: Year of the Ox (Lunar New Year Brawls, Capture the Flag, Bounty Hunter …)
  • Sundays: Overwatch Archives (story missions: Rebellion, Reckoning, Impending Storm …)

These temporary brawls will take place every weekday for the duration of the event (that’s three days total, in three weeks). Here you can see the events calendar so that nothing happens to you.

In addition, each week there will be challenges in which you can win graffiti, player icons and skins such as Ana’s Cybermedic, Echo’s Bird of Paradise, and Wrecking Ball’s 8-Ball. Play fast, competitive or arcade games to unlock them. You will have to play 27 games each week to unlock the skins, but wins count for two games.

There will be other collectibles from past events, and just by logging in you will get a free Legendary Loot Box. If you buy a pack of 50 loot boxes, you will take another.

On Overwatch 2Remember that this week, on Thursday, May 20, there will be a long broadcast of Overwatch 2, where the PvP mode will be discussed.

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