New images from the trailer of Battlefield 6, which will be released in June, are leaked

Battlefield 6 would be officially unveiled in May, according to a well-known insider

The leaks of Battlefield 6 They continue to flood the network, without EA being able to do anything to prevent it, since the date of the presentation is already set in June. A handful of new low-quality images are already circulating on social media, and they continue in the same vein as the images leaked a few weeks ago: a tropical island and a rocket launch pad.

Influencer Tom Henderson, who has already corroborated some of the previous leaks, warned of the possible appearance of more leaks from Battlefield 6 just when these images came out, belonging to the game trailer that will be shown in June, collected in Imgur.

Henderson acknowledged their veracity, while other users edited them to remove the “LOL Face” meme in the middle of the original photos.

Among the little that can be seen of the captures, we see a four-legged robot carrying supplies, looking similar to those created by Boston Dynamics. This is consistent with information from Henderson, who stated that the new Battlefield would be set 10-15 years in the future, With futuristic weapons and vehicles, but within realism, based on technological advances currently in development.

According to Henderson, the game will be called ‘Battlefield’ to dry. We know that it will be presented during the Summer Game Fest event, “competition” of E3, but the dates are not known yet. Henderson believes that despite the current conflict in Israel and Palestine, don’t think the ad is delayed. The game’s trailer was apparently going to be revealed in May, but he believes it was delayed because of the Chinese rocket issue.

However, another reason for the delay of the announcement could be the first leaks, which included a few seconds of the trailer’s audio, and they would be retouching them before the premiere.

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