What do you ask a television to play? If we forget all those characteristics that gamers look for to compete, and we think about enjoying a great gaming experience during the weekend, both alone and with friends, then this 50 inch Hisense Smart TV becomes the ideal option. It reaches the maximum resolution, but also adds a whole series of features that make it ideal for use with PS5 or Xbox Series X.

The 4K resolution is the key element. The compatibility of new generation consoles with this generation means that we have to make a leap in television that we have that new standard, and this Hisense Smart TV it is a good buy for it. Because to all its characteristics we must add a very remarkable element, which is the price, since it is available right now at a price of 349 euros in Media Markt, a really cheap figure for a television of such good quality and that will become the center of our living room.

The 50 inches make this screen a great option to have in any home. It is large enough to have in your living room without being something gigantic and disproportionate. Although you could even consider having it in a room if you were looking for a large screen to simulate the cinema effect.

To 4K resolution we must also add the fact that it has HDR10 +. This is good for video games that have this functionality, but also for watching content from series on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Prime Video or Disney +. And this without forgetting the Dolby Vision and the Dolby Atmos. The latter will help us achieve immersive sound with compatible content that is already available on the main platforms.

However, if our interest is to use it to play, the Game mode The specific one you have is a nice feature, reducing the response time to 16 ms. It is a lot if we compare it to a professional gaming monitor, but it is not enough for a large format and high resolution screen so cheap. And the best you can get if you want to play with your friends on 50 inches, or prefer a great gaming experience in a large format rather than a good speed on a small screen.

For 349 euros It is a great purchase. Not only is it of good quality and has everything you are looking for to play with, but also includes smart functions, being a Smart TV in which you can install Applications, or with compatibility with Amazon Alexa to be able to control the television with our voice.