In addition to countless theories and having us week after week wondering what was going to happen in the next episode, The Mandalorian has brought with it one more thing that is practically inherent in any Star Wars production: merchandising, tons of merchandising. And it is that a character like Grogu (Baby Yoda) lends itself to being a best seller in any version that action figure manufacturers want and can conceive, from Funko to detailed animatronic figures.

The line Egg-Attack from Beast Kingdom could not be left behind, and although they have taken a little while they have already presented their new pack that will include Din Djarin and Grogu as the magical starring duo of The Mandalorian.

The pack comes with different hands to emulate some of the most mythical scenes from The Mandalorian, from the bone soup to the scene of Grogu with the frog in his mouth about to swallow it. It is also accompanied by the floating capsule that Din Djarin carried it in for many episodes.

Multiple accessories, detailed cloth clothing and the important charisma that these two characters have make the price of $ 1,499.99 that you will have when you hit the stores in April 2022 don’t be too high. Maybe Gogu and Mando They have not won the MTV Award for Best Duo, but they have undoubtedly won the hearts of millions of Star Wars fans around the world with that bond that emerged between them.

What do you think of the Egg-Attack figure of Din Djarin and Grogu)