It is clear that the new game from Guerrilla Games, Horizon Forbidden West, which in turn is a sequel to the popular Horizon Zero Dawn -which has been free for a while- is one of the upcoming PS5 exclusives most anticipated. In this way, the news that it is still planned for this 2021 has given life to the players, since with the coronavirus pandemic Any thing is possible.

In this way, and also for those who expect a more immersive experience, they will be delighted to know that the PS5 DualSense controller It will serve you well thanks to its haptic functions. For example, to “feel” the grass in the game while waiting for enemies, something key in the world that Aloy stars in since it is a matriarchal dystopia where nature coexists in close harmony with humans and machines.

The environments of the game will have great prominence, something that was already seen in its launch trailer, with a living ecosystem, but threatened by danger. And all this makes sense, it is a title very focused on a mutual symbiosis with the player, so Guerrilla Games was going to put a lot of emphasis in this type of gameplay.

The studio director Angie Smets has referred to this immersion, suggesting that the haptic technology of the DualSense controller for PS5 has allowed developers to create it. Now, it will be possible “feel that long grass“when they have to merge with the bush when hiding from enemies.

The haptic technology of the triggers on DualSense it alters the tension of these according to the actions of the player in the title, a great effect already seen in Astro’s Playroom and Demon’s Souls Remake. Although Smets only mentioned the herb in his brief comment, the controller could give much more game, but for that we will have to wait.

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Horizon Forbidden West continues to be confirmed by Sony for this 2021, although we still do not have a confirmed release date. ¿When do you think it could be?

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