You will not find a cheaper gaming laptop: this HP with Intel Core i5 and GTX 1650Ti costs only 779 euros

This ultra-thin gaming laptop hides a huge power: GTX 1650Ti and Intel Core i5 for 729 euros

In general, gaming laptops usually exceed 1,000 euros. If you want to go to the highest range, you will exceed this figure and even double or triple it, of course. Getting a cheaper gaming laptop is usually complicated and the result of a good offer. We find offers of this type every day, but they are not always as interesting as today, since it is about an HP Pavilion Gaming 16 laptop with a price that stays below 800 euros.

Finding a good gaming laptop in the price range of 700 euros is not usual, and that is why it is an optimal purchase. East HP, in addition to being a recognized brand in the world of computing, presents features to highlight such as Intel Core i5 processor and Nvidia GTX 1650Ti graphics card. For 779 euros, is the best thing you can buy if you want to reduce your budget to the maximum.

Of course, it will not be able to compete with teams that are worth twice as much, but it is a team capable of running video games with solvency, so it is the perfect option if you do not want to spend as little as possible but still you want to make sure that it is a gaming laptop with which you will be able to play games without any problem.

Processor Intel Core i5 10300H with which it has, of the tenth generation, offers us a good performance to work at a standard level with games. Thinking about being able to play games in the long term, perhaps it could stay just a little over the limit, but the truth is that we will have for a few years of play without beginning to notice that the team falls short. The same happens with the graphics card, how important is it if what we want is to play with the laptop. In this case it is a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650Ti with 4GB of dedicated VRAM memory.

Of course, for all other work and office applications, or if you want it to be able study also and watch series, it is a perfectly capable laptop. Main memory is a High-speed NVMe format SSD with a capacity of 512GB, which is quite remarkable. And we find a 8GB RAM. This does seem like a little to us, but the truth is that it is the cheapest element to change when you want to make an improvement. And to this we have to add a screen that reaches the 16 inch, perfect to also be able to enjoy multimedia contents if you want to watch series and movies. Your resolution is Full HD, and has IPS technology, more pleasant for daily use.

For 779 euros you can get a hp gaming notebook with enough features to run games with good performance.

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