New images of Starfield are leaked, whose announcement at E3 seems guaranteed

New images of Starfield are leaked, whose announcement at E3 seems guaranteed

Starfield It is one of those mysterious projects that we have been hearing about for years but we have hardly seen more than logos, a brief teaser … and leaks. It was announced by Bethesda at E3 2018, and after a long wait, everything indicates that this E3 we will see it in action. Before that, images of the game have been leaked and according to a leaker they are real, although they belong to a version of 2018.

Via Reddit these new images come to us. In fact, they are very similar to those that were leaked last September 2020, and we even see the same ship, although with different colors. That, coupled with Bethesda mentioned in a survey the customization of ships, almost confirm that in this space RPG we can modify our ship.

Meanwhile, the user @SkullziTV has shared new leaked images, including details of the hulls, first and third person views and overall spacecraft interiors.

Nothing particularly spectacular, although the game promises to be a space odyssey in which to visit several planets, moving the freedom seen in games like The Elder Scrolls into space.

The user seems completely convinced that we will see Starfield at E3. Several insiders have already spoken of Bethesda’s (and Microsoft’s) intention to announce the game and launch it in 2021, although the delays may have changed plans.

In any case, even if it is not ready to go out in 2021, of all the known Bethesda projects this is the one with the most possibilities of being shown at E3 (or at the event that Bethesda / Microsoft wants to organize this summer), because The Elder Scrolls VI it seems much more distant.

E3 2021 will be officially held between June 12 and 15, although the conference schedules have not been confirmed (all online). Soon we should know all the details, beyond the data already revealed on the official app, to be able to organize our agents …

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