Surely many of you will remember that a few days ago we told you about the controversy that had arisen around the cover of Spider-Man # 601 in which Mary Jane was “desexualized” by a fan and the original artist, illustrator J. Scott Campbell counterattacked with a “fix of the fix” full of corrections, thus earning an avalanche of reproaches through the network. Well, despite the controversy, it seems all of that is paying off … in the form of banknotes.

As collected Bleeding cool, the original sketch of this “arrangement of the arrangement”, made in pencil and signed by himself J. Scott Campbell has been put up for auction through eBay and it is reaching quite curious figures.

At the time of writing this article, bids have reached $ 14,700, a normal price if we take into account who signs it and the fact that it is a unique piece, although it is surprising that the original 2009 comic, for example, “only” reached prices of € 356 in its best qualities.

Of course the artist has been able to take advantage of the situation. He has recently qualified his statements before the avalanche of criticism that came over him, although he continues to claim that this tone to “correct” original art is not appreciated by the artistic community. The auction ended yesterday, so the price we have discussed is that of the last bid.

What do you think of the price that this “correction of a correction” of the cover of Mary Jane in Spider-Man # 601 has reached?