Elden Ring won’t be at E3 2021 either, according to Jeff Grubb: coronavirus has hit From Software a lot

A new clip of Elden Ring is leaked, which could arrive "before April 2022"

Elden ring It is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated games in recent years. Following its announcement at E3 2019, fans of From Software (Dark Souls) and George RR Martin (author of A Song of Fire and Ice, who will be in charge of designing the game world) are eager to learn more details. However, if you were waiting for this E3 to come out, you might be wanting it.

In the podcast of Games beat, Jeff Grubb (with reliable sources) says that it is unlikely that Elden ring will be at E3 2021. Apparently, From Software, Bandai Namco (the publisher) and Microsoft (partner in marketing, as Elden Ring was featured at Microsoft’s E3 conference) were planning to bring it to E3. But come to the moment, From Software decided they wanted to focus on further developing the game, and not stop at doing something for E3..

Grubb says it is almost certain that Elden Ring will not be at the E3 Xbox event, according to sources close to Bandai Namco and Microsoft. He’s not so sure about the Bandai Namco event, but he doubts that if they brought the Elden Ring to E3, they would only show it at the Bandai Namco event and not Microsoft’s.

“I’m pretty sure he won’t be at the Xbox event. If it’s not there, I don’t think it’s at E3 in any way. There is still a possibility of something happening, I know that Bandai Namco is preparing its own event. Their hope was always that it was there, and they have other games that they are going to talk about, but it seems that this one is not going to be. “

From Software, very affected by Covid-19

Grubb explains that the Covid-19 crisis has especially affected the development of the Elden Ring (and in general to all Japanese developers). “I think From Software is the kind of studio that usually brings everyone together in a meeting to resolve issues quickly, and it didn’t work as well for them in online meetings. “ In addition, he emphasizes that the coronavirus crisis is far from over, and in fact Japan is currently recording some of its worst data in the entire pandemic.

According to Grubb, the plan in 2019 was that the game would come out in 2020, but the coronavirus disrupted all plans. A few months ago snippets of a trailer for Elden Ring were leaked, although it was an internal video, and it was not planned to show the public, so it is unlikely that it will be shown at E3 … unless it is as “last appeal “in order to calm the foreseeable disappointment of the fans if the Elden Ring does not make an appearance at the event.

The fact is that you better not have too many illusions about seeing Elden Ring this E3 … and do not fool yourself into thinking that the coronavirus crisis is a thing of the past.

Fountain: Games beat

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