Sega Sammy has shown its financial report at the end of fiscal year 2021, facing March 31, which would already be in the FIY 2022 and shows your plans. For now, his priority strategy for the next 3 years is make current IPs global brands, indicates examples such as Persona 5, Yakuza, Sonic, Total War, and Phantasy Star Online 2; this is priority for 3 years.

In the strategy 2 the creation of a “SUPER GAME“, something a priority during the next 5 years with expansion and use of classic IPs and in subscription models. Although they go into more detail later, in terms of IPs, three points are followed: Expansion -global launch, multiplatform and language- increase of their life -monetization, digital sales and use of materials- and reinforce the commitment of the community -community management and channels in RRSS-.

For example, as has happened with the Global and multi-language launch of Yakuza Like a Dragon and the recent sequel Lost Judgmant. As for the Super Game, it goes from present FIY to FIY 2026, in a European study, using IP materials and with a development time of 3 to 5 years. It would be a global premiere, online and with profits of up to 100,000 million yen.

Another example of your views to the future are the uses of IPs, which means plans for current and those that are on hold. The current ones have already been named, but they give an example as pause others such as Crazy taxi, Jet Set Radio, Virtua Fighter, House of the Dead … More than one classic player might like this, since they plan remasters, remakes and reboots, although nothing announced for now.

In short, this to convert past titles into a current HD quality, add new features to the game without break the gameplay of the original game and rebuild them to a new game without losing the essence of the original. Again, they have not specified which ones or in what way.

What are the best Sonic games ever?

For now, Sega has things very clear, and it is that in addition to having seen high demand when it comes to publish your games all over the world at once and in multiple languages, has also realized what dear there are many sagas.

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