Yakuza Like a Dragon is the most successful title of the franchise worldwide

Yakuza Like a Dragon has been the franchise's most successful global launch

Yakuza Like a Dragon went on sale several months ago to consoles of the past generation, launching later -and with free update– for the current ones. However, it was not only a title with a new protagonist like Ichiban Kasuga, but also the style of play went from being an action game to one Turn-based Fighting JRPG.

Now there have been some statements from Shuji Utsumi, by Sega, which only confirm your success. In fact, Utsumi himself has said that Yakuza Like a Dragon it has been the series’ biggest global success to date. Something has helped his bet with this premiere around the world and, at least in Spain, the subtitles in Spanish.

But the thing does not stop there with the popularity of Yakuza LAD and the saga in general, has also stated that Sega wants “expand globally ATLUS games. Although as we said at the beginning you have not specified when or how, apparently you want release them simultaneously around the world.

In addition, and as an additional detail, it seems that the possibility to release them on multiple platforms. Does this mean that some sagas like Persona will reach other consoles? Maybe many ATLUS games will also be released for Nintendo Switch Fortunately for many users who have been asking for it for a long time? Who knows.

In a reply tweet, Nibellion also says: “Nagoshi was asked to work closely on game development to help their global success and therefore their profits (which explains why his role at Sega changed a few months ago)“.

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No doubt, Like a Dragon has served to see a change in perspective of the Yakuza saga, but for the better. On the one hand of character, on the other of game style and finally in its location with more subtitles, such as Spanish.

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