Alan Wake, Control, Quantum Break … over the years, Remedy has been earning a big name in the video game industry thanks to a very personal touch in his works and to a few successes in these approaches. Following the release of the next-gen versions of Control, the studio has wasted no time.

After the company confirmed to be working on new projects, one of them with character of blockbuster, a financial report Posted by Remedy itself to comment on its plans and fiscal results over the past year, it has revealed a bit more of the status of these unannounced games.

Remedy’s AAA game project with Epic Games will soon go into full production, with the second smaller-scale game continuing in full production mode.. Therefore, it seems that everything is going well for the creative teams of both games, although everything indicates that the project of “lower weight” has taken the lead.

The status of other projects has also been mentioned and, Remedy is involved in many things: With Vanguard, our free cooperative play project, we have now defined many of the core elements of the game. Development is proceeding apace, internal playtesting continues, and we are beginning the next phase of closed external playtesting.

The report also refers to Crossfire, whose team is finalizing work for Smilegate’s CrossfireX and Crossfire HD. After learning that the company recorded the best year in its history doubling its profits in 2020, the developer added that it expects its revenues and operating profits to increase during 2021.