Original Xbox One Menu Available on Xbox Series X | S as Dynamic Background in May Update

Original Xbox One Menu Available on Xbox Series X | S as Dynamic Background in May Update

Microsoft is updating its consoles With a new round of May, now the Xbox Series X users | S they will be able to select new animated backgrounds. And between these new funds, there is one that stands out a little more among the others, and it is one that has the particularity of being the original first Xbox.

As the editor at The Verge Tom Warren, all shown through your Twitter account, Microsoft added these new animated backgrounds in May. Now, with the new round of updates for the current Xbox consoles, one of them allows to have a bright green globe in the background as in the first one.

As we can see and read in Warren’s explanation, one of the funds is called “The original“and it is the one with this green and famous orb of the 2001 Xbox. In the tweet we can appreciate a little the appearance and the menu that this leaves us new live wallpaper, which will serve to remind more than one player of good times.

Xbox insiders can now access the original Xbox animation as a dynamic background of the original Xbox called ‘the original’“Warren said in the first tweet. Although a few minutes later he rectified himself in a answer: “Forget it, it’s now available to all users on Xbox Series X | S“.

This was the only dose of nostalgia for Xbox users to enjoy, remember that their consoles have full backward compatibility with other games and its controls work from console to console, without distinction.

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¿You have already tried it? ¿How about the Xbox background look on the new consoles?

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