Nintendo Switch releases its 12.0.2 update that is now available to download

A fan redesigns the interface of Nintendo Switch and the result convinces more than the official

Nintendo continues to update and refresh its prized console. In this case, the big N has already released version 12.0.2 of Nintendo Switch. This update is now available for download. This new update works in a line similar to the most recent ones we have had.

Like the previous ones, Nintendo has only revealed that this version 12.0.2 improves the stability of the consoleSo fear not, it won’t take you a few seconds to install the new patch. Here you can take a look at the information published by the company.

Usually, the console will launch a message inviting the player to install this latest version. However, if not, you just have to go to Settings and scroll to the Console option to check for pending updates.

In the last few months we’ve had similar updates when it comes to content. For example, the past version 12.0.1 was also directed towards system stability. The new update comes about a month after the console reached version 12.00, which added a fix to the data saving issue related to backups.

Although the 11.00 update did bring important changes such as copying screenshots / videos or a section of Nintendo Switch Online in the start menu, many users ask that one new and massive update allows access to features such as being able to save games in folders or the incorporation of support for Bluetooth audio, which has appeared in the odd leak.

Do you think these features will arrive soon? There are those who are in a hurry and take the design into their own hands and if not, let them tell the fan who has redesigned the Nintendo Switch interface with a result that is more convincing than the official one.

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