Fisher Stevens Says He Regrets Playing An Indian Character In Short Circuit

Fisher Stevens Says He Regrets Playing An Indian Character In Short Circuit

We live in a time when the winds are changing in Hollywood, and in many places. What could once be acceptable now seems inexcusable, even 35 years later. That is the case that we bring today related to the mythical film Short Circuit, an eighties film where Fisher stevens played Ben jabituya, an engineer of Indian descent, despite the fact that the actor had neither look (no makeup) nor hint of Indian descent.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Fisher Stevens assured that, if it was at present when they proposed to him to interpret the character of Short circuit, he would immediately deny, although he also explained what happened in the original film.

Stevens was originally going to play a graduate engineer, but it was later that he was asked to play an Indian character, which would require makeup and change his voice to simulate some accent, which made Fisher Stevens live for a month. in India and prepare the paper thoroughly.

This is just one of many recent instances of white actors “regretting” having played other ethnic characters in the past. Well known are the cases of voice actors such as Hank Azaria and his character from The Simpsons, Apu, or that of Alison brie giving voice to Diane (of Vietnamese descent) in BoJack Horseman.

What do you think? Does it make sense for an interpreter to apologize for a job he did 35 years ago?

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