“DualSense is generating a lot of interest among peripheral manufacturers” according to haptic technology licensee

"DualSense is generating a lot of interest among peripheral manufacturers" according to haptic technology licensee

PS5 has been launched on the market under great numbers in sales, surpassing even the successful PS4. Much of this consumer curiosity to experience the new generation lies in good words and above all, sensations, which has managed to transmit command of the console. DualSense is a different controller with great potential.

Haptic technology, adaptive triggers and other quirks They have already been noticed in titles such as Astro’s Playroom and many developers are adapting their games so that the immersion caused by these technologies can be experienced in the new works that are to come. In case you were wondering, who is behind haptic feedback is Immersion Corp, a company that has spoken recently.

The haptic technology licensee has been commenting that DualSense is arousing a lot of curiosity among other peripheral manufacturers. This interest could be translated into controls DualSense manufactured by third parties that they had the technology that makes the controller so special. Will the unofficial PS5 controllers arrive with these capabilities?

I can’t comment on specific commitments, but we are talking about a number of other players in that market, stated the acting CEO of Immersion Corp, Jared Smith, during an investor call when asked about a possible use of other manufactured products.

We announced our collaboration with StrikerVR, which is a company that manufactures accessory technology that will use our trigger technology. The DualSense controller is certainly sparking a lot of interest among third-party peripheral manufacturers. I just don’t have a comment on when it could happen, it clarified a possible agreement to start the production of these controls.

Related to the command. Did you know that the PS5 update improves the vibration of the Dualsense controller when playing PS4 titles, according to various reports?

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