Resident Evil Village takes its inspiration from medieval European themes, specifically from the eastern countries of the continent and in their folklore. This eighth installment has been inspired by vampires, werewolves and other popular legends that always lead us to think of Dracula. However, if we talk about bloodsuckers, the most famous now is Alcina Dimitrescu.

The tall lady who has dazzled the whole world, has already been fully seen with the launch of Resident Evil Village and with it, her sumptuous abode. Dimitrescu Castle is one of the areas that are crossed during the Capcom game and one of the most liked and where more attention to detail has been paid.

The references to Romania have been clear in Village, but a fan of the European country wanted to go further. In a post on Reddit, Smooth_Skin_Operator has released an image where Compare Dimitrescu Castle to another famous Romanian fortification, Peles Castle. We leave you here the successful comparison.

What do you think? His inspiration is quite clear and it is that, once again, the castles of Romania are the ideal place to represent everything seen in the game. In case you are interested, Peles Castle was a residence of the Romanian royal family that began its construction at the end of the 19th century. The structure is lost in the middle of nature in an environment that is as romantic as it is terrifying if we rely on the stories of the region in which it was located.

Although Peles Castle is located in the Wallachian region, many call this area the gateway to mythical Transylvania. He has little to envy to bran castle, which is known as the former residence of Vlad Tepes the Impaler.

Of course, the setting of Resident Evil Village is one of the elements that has stood out the most in the game. Will you visit the castle one day? The same is Lady Dimitrescu in one of its dark rooms. The game does not stop delighting us with crazy news like a hypothetical demake of Resident Evil Village for PS1 with a scarier Dimitrescu.