The world of sneakers and that of video games are increasingly linked. More and more companies are joining the phenomenon of fashion and collecting that moves millions across the planet. On this occasion, the news has been delivered by Microsoft and Adidas, which have already established an agreement to land together in the market.

As reported Complex, the first of the Xbox and Adidas sneakers could launch next month and more designs are expected in October. The documents reveal that the sneakers launched in June will be a kind of promotional version of a new shoe called Forum Tech Boost.

It seems that the thing would not stop there and two more pairs would be launched in October, aimed at a basketball sports collection and another Forum Tech model in November. The web says there are more designs ready for 2022. At the moment, it has not been possible to know more details of these aforementioned shoes.

It seems that the “console war” and the “sneaker war” has finally arrived and they have merged. The news of the collaboration between Xbox and Adidas comes just a week after PlayStation and Nike announced a new partnership with the design of the PS5 shoes under the signature of basketball player Paul George. Will it be time to choose again?

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