We review how Neill Blomkamp’s film career has led him to make Demonic

We review how Neill Blomkamp's film career has led him to make Demonic

Neill Blomkamp He is a prolific creator who has directed, scripted, animated and produced multiple productions, but surely the works that best define him for the general public are his science fiction films District 9, Elysium Y Chappie.

District 9 was born in 2009 and was praised by critics for showing a different approach to an alien invasion in South Africa, as a mockumentary with camera in hand and very realistic animations of the invaders. The film triumphed in the Oscar with 4 nominations in the categories of Best Film, Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Editing, and Best Visual Effects. He also received nominations in the Golden Globes and the BAFTA.

After the success of his first feature film, he followed it Elysium in 2013, another sci-fi action movie starring Matt Damon Y Jodie foster that he did not like it so much and was beginning to foreshadow what would come next.

His last feature film would arrive in 2015 with Chappie, having big names in the cast as had already happened in Elysium, having Dev patel, Hugh jackman Y Sigourney weaver, among others. But critics and audiences did not position themselves favorably with the film, and since then Neill Blomkamp had not returned to direct a production of that caliber.

So devastating was the failure of Chappie what in Rotten tomatoes they have it rated with 38%; critic Peter Sobczynski called it “a poorly conceived work by a once famous science fiction visionary” and Philip Pirrello called it a film “with a terrible storytelling.”

For the director, his experience with this film was “incredibly painful”, which had been so mistreated even though it was the story that he wanted to tell and that he still loves to this day. This failure led him to rethink his creative identity: “Chappie crushed many parts of my career”, He confessed in Den of Geek, “i thought i was doing it right so when the audience turns against you it puts you in a different place”.

Shortly after the failure of ChappieIn 2017, Blomkamp embarked on a more intimate project creating his own experimental short film studio called Oats Studios. Among them we find some chapters of ADAM, a series of short films that demonstrate the potential of the motor Unity not only to create video games but also to perform hyper realistic animated movies.

However Neill Blomkamp has decided to return to the field of feature films, but this time with something that could be very different from what we have seen so far. His next movie is Demonic, a tape of horror and sci-fi with paranormal elements inspired by low budget movies like Paranormal Activity, which began filming in the rural vicinity of his home in British Columbia, Canada, shortly after the pandemic began last year.

Demonic will star Carly pope, Chris William Martin Y Michael Rogers. Little else we know at the moment about the film, although it seems that it will arrive throughout this year. The only thing that has been shared about her has been a behind the scenes recorded in 8mm that you can see a few lines above.

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