Sonic Kart 3DX, a blue hedgehog driving title, comes online leaving a part of the 2005 game

Sonic Kart 3DX, a blue hedgehog driving title, comes online leaving a part of the 2005 game

Although it all seems too incredible to be true, long before the great acquaintance of racing games with Sonic was born, Team Sonic Racing, there was another one much earlier. We met this one in 2019 for platforms Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but what we talked about was a 2005 project.

One of the earliest installments that, quite presumably you have not heard of, is that of Sonic Kart 3DX. Ten years after the already known Sonic Drift for Game Gear, was also developed thinking about a title for laptops, but had to wait until 2005 to think about mobile and exclusively to Sonic cafe.

East game service by Sega, which did not become available outside of Japanese territory, was one of the main reasons why the game did not become well known. Especially if your territory was Western, so many fans of Sonic the blue hedgehog have not gotten to know it and all this sounds very strange to them.

Now, right off the bat and out of the blue, it has appeared through a YouTube channel a video about the game. And not just any video, they are 18 minutes of gameplay recorded Through HDMI that has been shared by a Japanese channel of the video platform, just below you can see it, ¿it will have been interesting to play it?

The video looks like they are playing on an emulator and the account is called 動画 投稿 を す る 人 【仮】 (translated as “person who uploads videos“It’s a simple gameplay, a kind of early Ridge Racer with a speed meter that reaches Sonic’s.

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¿You would have liked to play this 2005 Sonic Kart 3DX?

Fountain: GamesRadar + (Thanks, Nintendo Life)

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