New details about Spriggan, the next anime coming to Netflix

New details about Spriggan, the next anime coming to Netflix

Netflix It is increasingly committed to bringing quality anime to the platform, recovering a wide selection of pre-existing series or creating original works and also including in its catalog such well-known films as those of Studio Ghibli.

One of the next productions that we will see in 2021 is Spriggan, a series that adapts the homonymous manga created by Hiroshi takashige Y Ryōji Minagawa and that was originally published in the magazine Monthly Shônen Sunday from Shogakukan between 1989 and 1996.

We already knew about the trailer, but now in the official anime page a new promotional image of the series starring Yū Ominae:

It is not the first time Spriggan receives an adaptation, since in 1998 Hirotsugu Kawasaki directed a feature film based on the manga that was produced by Studio 4 ° C, who have been in charge of films like Tekkonkinkreet (2006) or the feature film series by Berserk. The manga even had its own video game for PlayStation titled Spriggan: Lunar Verse.

Spriggan tells us the story of Yū Ominae a high school student who works as Spriggan for the ARCAM Corporation. This corporation is in charge of protecting ancient relics of a civilization more advanced than ours to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

In addition to the new promotional image that you can see above, new components have also been confirmed for the production team: Hiroshi kobayashi Direct to Spriggan with Shōhei Miyake As his assistant director, he will supervise and write the script for each episode. Hiroshi seko, Norihito Ishii will carry CG direction, color design will do Osamu mikasa, Yūji kaneko will be the art director and Yousuke motoki photography, while production design will be overseen by JNTHED.

For now the only confirmed voice actor has been Chiaki kobayashi to lend her voice to Yū Ominae. Some of his roles include Makoto edamura on Great pretender or Hiroto kuga on Gundam Build Divers.

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