Jim Carrey raffled off a car for his team during the filming of Sonic 2

Jim Carrey raffled off a car for his team during the filming of Sonic 2

Sonic: The Movie 2 It is going from strength to strength, with filming started last March and with a release date that places it in April of next year. We have already been able to see some images of the filming that confirm a couple of colleagues from Sonic like Knuckles the echidna and Tails, who was already suspected from the end of the first film and from the teaser with the number 2 formed by the double tail of this fox.

Another iconic character that, in this case, repeats is the Doctor Ivo Robotnik Eggman. Jim Carrey brings the villain of Sonic to life again and we have already seen him in Vancouver, Canada, with his characteristic bald head and a new suit hanging by cables to shoot an action scene.

It is precisely to thank the film crew for their effort in the sequel to the film that Jim Carrey decided to organize a raffle with a rather juicy prize: a car Chevy Blazer RS brand new, valued at over $ 40,000, as reported by Variety. The draw was held on Friday morning and the lucky person was a grip on the team, a position that serves as support for camera and lighting tasks. Without a doubt, a good surprise to end the week and continue making the film with renewed energy.

Sonic: The Movie It ended in its first part by banishing Dr. Robotnik from Earth to send him to a planet of giant mushrooms far away from the blue hedgehog that Eggman had been chasing, but it seems that that will not be an impediment for us to see him in action again in her tireless struggle to find it. The script will once again be in charge of Pat casey Y Josh miller and the address repeats Jeff Fowler, so the story will be perfectly spun between both deliveries.

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