Hilary Duff explains why Lizzie McGuire’s series reboot didn’t go ahead

Hilary Duff explains why Lizzie McGuire's series reboot didn't go ahead

Although it may seem that there are still many stories to tell, the big studios and television platforms like to pull more for nostalgia reviewing series or characters that were already successful at the time and with those who want to succeed again.

We have seen it with the continuations of series such as Forced Parents or How I Met Your Mother who is going to have a series from her point of view, and of course Disney was not going to be an exception, so the studio chose the great one Lizzie McGuire, about a teenage girl and her problems in high school, to give her a follow-up in 2021.

However, no matter how much its protagonist, Hilary Duff, announced it with great fanfare, finally the reboot of Lizzie McGuire did not go ahead, as the actress herself announced with great sadness in an Instagram post. And now, Duff has explained the reasons for this cancellation in an interview with the radio show of SiriusXM.

“That was a bit of the battle. I don’t like to call it a battle because we all ended up on good terms and there is a lot of love between Disney and me, but it has been more or less like that. I think they are still trying to find out what kind of content they want to include on Disney +, and that has nothing to do with the way I look at Lizzie now, you know, I’m very protective of her. It only made sense to me to shoot a series in which she was a 30-year-old aunt in the world we live in now“, explained the actress, implying that Disney did not like too much the adult tone that they tried to give to the new Lizzie McGuire series.

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