First official image of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 7

First official image of Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 7

Perhaps at 58 years of age many consider putting the brakes on their careers, especially if they are action actors, but Tom Cruise it doesn’t even cross his mind to leave his Mission Impossible franchise behind, let alone stop doing the action scenes himself.

Launching a movie as spectacular as the last installments of Mission Impossible is always complicated, but it is even more so if while you have to think about how to make the explosions or the impressive action scenes you also have to deal with strict health and safety protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19. An issue that made Tom Cruise headlines around the world when the audio leaked of him scolding one of his team members for breaking one of the security protocols.

An anger that Cruise now justifies in his last interview with the magazine Empire, in which he has also premiered the first official image of Mission Impossible 7, in which we see the spy Ethan Hunt determined not to miss the train that takes him to another very complicated mission.

“I have produced between 30 or 40 films, I am responsible for thousands of jobs, if not tens of thousands. All my friends from the industry, from the distributors, and from my team told me,” What are we going to do? I can lose my home. “ So I told the studio and the industry: we are going back. We are going to make everyone go back to work, we are going to start shooting this summer and we are going to do it safely, “explained Cruise, who assures that he never lost hope of returning to filming Mission Impossible 7.

“We had to create protocols with the studies, with the insurance companies, adapt to the laws of each country [Misión Imposible 7 se ha rodado en Abu Dhabi, Noruega e Italia]. Assure them that the shoot was going to be safe. There were times when people told me: “It is not going to happen” and I answered them: “It is happening.”

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