First images of Diego Luna filming the series Andor, the spin-off of Rogue One

Photos from the filming of Andor, the Rogue One spinoff, reveal the return of an iconic Star Wars ship

Although it might seem that the Star Wars universe has already told everything it had to tell, this franchise created by George Lucas still has a lot to give, And as the Clone Wars or The Mandalorian series show, there is very good material in the chamber.

But there is still much to expect from Star Wars, such as the series born from The Mandalorian itself, or those that collect one of the characters that the fans most enchanted when they went to the cinema to see Rogue One, we mean, of course to the series starring Diego Luna, Andor, of which we already have the first images of its protagonist.

Despite the fact that Luna played the distraction a few months ago, saying that the studio had not told her anything about the Cassian Andor series, in December of last year she already confirmed that, indeed, she was in the middle of filming, and although we had seen some photos of the sets we had not seen any of the actor dressed as the space rebel, until now.

Page Six has been in charge of publishing the first images of Diego Luna characterized as Cassian Andor on the set of the Disney + series. The images do not reveal much but at least they give us the first look at this long-awaited Star Wars series.

Andor is expected to finish shooting later this year to its premiere in 2022, although there is still no specific date confirmed.

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