All permanent costume upgrades in Returnal

Returnal has a major day 1 patch over 10GB

The new PS5 exclusive is now available, Returnal, developed by Housemarque. The new roguelike proposal is leaving us stunned by its frenzy, playable variety and careful setting, which reminds us of great science fiction movies like Alien.

Surviving on the planet Atropos is not easy at all, and that is why we have already explained what the best weapons are or how to regenerate life and integrity. Selene will have to face terrible alien creatures throughout the six biomes of the game, and we can’t forget the final bosses, quite a headache.

To do this, you need to use Selene’s costume upgrades. Throughout the adventure we will get different options, but some of them are temporary. On the other hand, many others are permanent and we can use them during our forays through the planet Atropos,

If you want to survive the horrors of Returnal and be prepared for the worst, you must know all permanent costume upgrades in the Housemarque game for PS5.

All permanent costume upgrades in Returnal

Throughout the adventure, we can obtain different improvements for the suit, called Xenotech. Some of them (as with parasites) are temporary, and we will lose them when we finish a specific biome or when we die. Fortunately, there are up to nine upgrades that are permanentregardless of what happens to us.

These Xenotech are updates and upgrades for Selene’s outfit, which give us certain advantages in combat, exploration and movement through the scenarios. Most of these are required to obtain to advance in the story, since they allow us to move through biomes that, otherwise, we could not overcome.

  • Atropian Weapon Charger
  • Hermetic transmitter
  • Atropian saber
  • Xenotech Prism
  • Icarian Grapnel
  • Xenotech Prism 2
  • Promethean Insulators
  • Hadal Ballasts
  • Delphi viewer

All of these upgrades are permanent and can be applied to your suit in each biome. Of course, some can only be achieved at a specific moment in the game, since they give us competitive advantages against enemies and obstacles in Returnal.

Returnal PS5

The Atropian weapon magazine is found in the first biome, and provides us with the useful alternative firing of weapons. If we press L2 and then the R2 trigger, we will make use of this alternative trigger, which varies depending on the model we use in Returnal.

On the other hand, the hermetic transmitter allows us teleport using the portals of the scenarios. If we press triangle in these places, we will automatically reappear at another point on the stage, and we can only do this if we achieve this permanent improvement, present in the first biome.

Returnal PS5

As you can imagine, the atropian saber is a powerful melee weapon, which we will also find in the first biome, while the Icarian Grapnel is a hook through which we can reach elevated structures. All these improvements will be your best companion in the PS5 title.

In the case of Xenotech prisms, their function is to expand the ability to carry items in inventory. There are two prisms, which allows us to carry up to a maximum of three consumables (which we use when pressing L1). The first is found in the Crimson Desert, while the second is in the Desolate Citadel.

Finally, three other very important improvements to the Returnal costume are the Promethean insulators, the Delphi viewer and the Halast Ballasts. In the case of the latter, it is necessary to dive underwater, while the former is very useful to avoid damage when stepping on lava areas. The Delphi viewer allows us to see in dark areas and highlight bright objects, something vital in the last biome of the game.

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