Microsoft might have scrapped Windows 10X

Microsoft podría haber descartado Windows 10X

Announced in October 2019, Windows 10X, the walkthrough so far for this version of the Windows operating system it has not been exactly a bed of roses. From what was raised at that time to the point where we are now, there have been delays, pressure from manufacturers, changes in priorities … still being a very interesting proposal, there is no doubt that Windows 10X has caused multiple pains headlong into Redmond.

The last we knew about it was, about two months ago, and it was not good news, since they spoke of a new delay, caused by problems with applications and the double screen. And it was already raining in the wet, because let’s remember that Windows 10X was going to come hand in hand with the Surface Neo, which was due to arrive in the last quarter of 2020. 2020 ended, but the Neo disappeared from the Microsoft website and Windows 10X is still on the list of pending tasks.

This could change, but not for the better, as we can read on Petri Microsoft would be studying canceling Windows 10X, or in its entirety or at least as we expected it to be. For now, it seems that Microsoft would have reassigned part of the team that worked on this variant of the operating system to the Windows 10 team, a move that would crash if the intentions of Redmond were to fix the problems as soon as possible to avoid further delays.

Instead, and more with the transfer of the engineers, it makes sense to think that Microsoft has changed its point of view, and now its plans are make Windows 10 (or its future successor) more versatile, and therefore it adapts well to the devices to which, until now, Windows 10X was aimed. This is pure speculation, of course, because there is no official communication from Microsoft, but if the transfer of workers from one team to another is confirmed, it would be the most logical interpretation.

And it is that, although Microsoft decides to discard Windows 10X, that does not mean at all that it renounces reaching the devices for which it has been projecting this operating system. Surely the demand from customers is not Windows 10X, but Windows 10 has the specific functions that I was going to have that operation, and I would be surprised if Microsoft was not already working on it. Still no date, of course, and of course no official announcements at the moment (surely they will not want to get their fingers caught), but either I am very wrong, or they are already working on it.

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