Breakthrough Listen scans 60 million stars without finding alien life

Breakthrough Listen escanea 60 millones de estrellas sin encontrar vida alienígena 28

Do aliens exist? If we are based on the math And in science, the answer is probably yes. In fact, the anomaly would be that we were the only exponent of intelligent life in the Universe. Only our galaxy, the Milky Way, has more than 100,000 million planets. However, finding the evidence to support the statistic is still a dream.

The latest attempt to locate intelligent life has been carried out by the group of scientists from Breakthrough Listen, who published the results of their latest smart life search a few hours ago. They analyzed 60 million stars in a high-density area, studying a relatively small but overcrowded portion of the sky.

To do this, they used the Green Bank radio telescope in West Virginia and the Parkes radio telescope in Australia to examine 600 hours of radio waves from stars between 0.7 and 93 GHz. The results of the observations have been published in a document available in The Astronomica Journal. and, although there are no positive results regarding extraterrestrial life, if signals were detected probably associated with a type of neutron stars known as magnetars, of great scientific interest.

At this point, it should be noted that the team tracked signals that were emitted on purpose and for a specific reason, also known as techno-signatures (optical, microwave, laser signals with some kind of pattern that suggests an artificial origin). Searching for “a beacon” is not the only way to detect aliens, but it is the most reasonable at a distance; studying molecules or organisms (biosignatures) is an adventure closer to science fiction.

Does this failure imply the absence of intelligent life? Obviously not. There could be something out there, even much closer than we think but that we don’t yet have the ability to detect. In those 60 million stars there could be civilizations or signals that have not yet reached Earth or that have advanced so far that they use radically different forms of communication or tracking. Touch keep dreaming of being the first generation to confirm that we are not alone in the Universe.

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