This 60% gaming keyboard with RGB lighting offers a lot, takes up little and costs even less: only 39 euros

This 60% gaming keyboard with RGB lighting offers a lot, takes up little and costs even less: only 39 euros

Mechanical keyboards are a favorite with gamers. Strong, durable and very satisfying of typing for its sound and its firmness. And if mechanical keyboards are already cool, not to mention a 60% mechanical keyboard: a keyboard that has only 60% of its keys and whose origin is in the gaming world.

60% keyboards save a lot of space on your desk by dispensing with the numeric keypad and, in addition, allow the player to have greater freedom to adjust the position of the keyboard without colliding with the mouse. Sounds good right? This mechanical keyboard sounds better 60% by only 39 euros.

It’s about a 60% Krom Kernel TKL mechanical keyboard. Krom is a recognized brand in the gaming world for designing keyboards with a very good quality / price ratio, since its peripherals are resistant, durable and very professional for the most demanding gamers.

This keyboard it is perfect for you if you want to improve speed of execution and, incidentally, save space in your gaming setup. It is a fully configurable keyboard without software that, in addition, dispenses with the numeric keypad additional to offer a higher pulsation speed, so you can perform more actions in less time.

Its pulsations are smooth and effective thanks to its mechanical switches plus, you can assign shortcuts and macros on the fly to any key. IIncludes a Gaming Mode that disables the Windows key to save you trouble, an anti-ghosting system and eleven multimedia keys for a smooth and seamless gaming session.

Also incorporates two lifting tabs to adapt your height. And as a good gaming keyboard that it is, there is no lack of RGB lighting. This keyboard has RGB lighting on each switch and nine customizable lighting effects to change the speed and intensity of each effect and recognize each key at a glance.

To create your own colors, you can press the FN + Print keys for five seconds. Pant. and the Del, End and Page Down keys will light up. With them and with the Insert, Home and Page Up keys, you will be able to move through the chromatic spectrum, choose the tone you like the most and save it using the FN combination again + Impr. Pant.

With this keyboard you will greatly improve your performance in your games and save space on your desk and money in your pocket, since it only costs 45.99 euros. And if you have an Amazon Prime or Prime Student account, you will receive it tomorrow at home at no additional cost.

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