Nintendo has made it clear that its hybrid console, Nintendo switch, has come to stay. Four years after its launch, the successor to Wii U has managed to sell a whopping 85 million consoles worldwide, figures that place the platform among the 10 most successful in history. And its exclusive video games are not far behind …

We have already told you the most interesting data after the Nintendo income report, as well as the company’s future plans (like the successor Switch Pro), but now it’s time to take a look at the comparative sales. With your latest data, Nintendo Switch is consolidated as the ninth best-selling console in the history of video games, surpassing its little sister Game Boy Advance and PSP.

More than 84 million Nintendo Switches have been sold worldwide, and the figures for 587.12 million games sold for the hybrid console. Thanks to these devastating data, Switch manages to consolidate itself in the top 10 and dangerously close to seventh generation consoles: PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii.

One thing has to be qualified, and that is Wii (sixth of the top 10) is still quite far, with 101 million units sold. The same is not the case with Xbox 360 and PS3, Sony and Microsoft consoles that ended their life cycle with very even sales figures, although finally PlayStation 3 won the victory in that generation.

According to the portal VGChartz, Nintendo Switch, ninth on the list, is less than 1 million consoles from exceeding total Xbox 360 sales (85.80), While for surpass PS3 still has a little over two million to go units sold. Presumably, in no time, Switch will become the seventh console in the top 10, with the aim of catching up with the Wii and the first PlayStation.

On this website, we can take a look at the best-selling consoles in history and predict where Nintendo Switch will get to. The truth is catch up with PS2 and Nintendo DS seems impossible (both move in the figure of 150-odd million), but it will depend on the life cycle of the hybrid console to be able to take third place, although for this it will have to exceed excellent PS4 figures, with more than 115 million consoles sold.

Although globally it has not yet surpassed Xbox 360, In the United Kingdom, the Nintendo console itself has been placed on par with this. This means that soon Nintendo Switch will have outsold all Microsoft consoles, since Xbox 360 is the best seller to date, with almost 86 million units placed worldwide.

Do you think that Nintendo Switch may reach third place? How many years left on the hybrid console? The truth is that Nintendo has no concern, after learning that its exclusive games are enjoying tremendous success, as is the case with Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury.

Fountain: VGChartz