The curious message with which Mark Hamill celebrated Star Wars Day

The curious message with which Mark Hamill celebrated Star Wars Day

The Star wars day, or May the Fourth as it is known by millions of fans around the world, always leaves a trail of messages and celebrations by fans and personalities of all kinds, especially among the actors and celebrities involved with the saga created by George Lucas back in 1977. Naturally, the message of an actor like Mark Hamill, who gave life to Luke Skywalker since the birth of the franchise.

Hamill took to Twitter with a commemorative poster and a curious message in which “he begins to accept the fact that he probably will not return to make another film that manages to have its own day.” As has been the case with Star Wars.

Although there are not a few franchises that, like Star Wars, have their own day to celebrate (we soon think of Harry Potter’s day), it is true that the vast majority of productions do not have the impact and social impact that Star Wars has had in the world.

But Mark Hamill also has no reason to “get depressed” if he doesn’t make another movie with his own international day. His legacy thus far is nothing to be ashamed of, especially his animated iteration of the Joker Batman, considered by many the best version of the Clown Prince of Gotham. Also, his bar as Luke Skywalker is very hard to beat. He declares himself the biggest fan of his character, and with good reason.

What do you think of Mark Hamill’s message to celebrate World Star Wars Day?

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