STALKER 2 will be a “very long game” with “hundreds of hours” of content

STALKER 2 will be a "very long game" with "hundreds of hours" of content

The launch of STALKER 2 promises an open world packed with massive elements and with many player choices, both narratively and mechanically. But the thing will not stop there, from GSC Game World -study in charge of the title- have been confirming certain new things about the game.

For example,Have you wondered how long it could take to complete it?? Well, apparently it’s going to be a while. In an interview with GamingBolt, Zakhar Bocharov, PR manager of the studio, was asked for the duration and although did not give exact number, it did offer an idea of ​​what players can expect.

Even if you stick to the main story, it will be a long game, but as Bacharov puts it if you focus on exploration and all the secondary content options, you could pass “hundreds of hours“playing. Although in this interview he also confirms the game for new generation consoles, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

It is a very long game, even if you forget everything and decide to only follow the main missions that lie ahead.“Bacharov commented.”Hundreds of hours can be spent in the game only if you decide to explore and do side missions“So it looks like the game will be a long one no matter what we do.

STALKER 2 still in development for Microsoft consoles, Xbox Series X / S, in addition to Pc emphasizing its exclusivity. However, an internal document revealed that it will be exclusive to Xbox 3 months.

Microsoft has been in contact with major publishers to include their games on Xbox Game Pass

And you, knowing all this,You really want STALKER 2 to finally go on sale?

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