Resident Evill producer claims Village has been balanced by feedback from RE7 saying it was too scary

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Two days and Resident Evil Village will go on sale, but now an interview with Tsuyoshi kanda has confirmed that the game’s producer doesn’t want players to be in constant fear. In said interview with Axios Gaming, Kanda has said that the team at the development of Village I didn’t want to scare gamers, as the feedback for Resident Evil 7 revealed that it was too scary.

When we develop a new Resident Evil game, our goal is not always to make it more terrifying than the previous one, but to find a balance between giving a scary and fun experience“, He said. “Some feedback on RE7 was that it was too scary to play and in a sense it was what we were looking for, so it’s a huge compliment.“.

However, and at the same time, our goal is always to create something that anyone can feel comfortable playing. That is why we have relaxed the curve in Village regarding Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, so that players are not always in constant fear, he kept saying. In RE7 there were confined spaces, “as if the walls of the Baker Mansion closed with them“.

On Resident Evil Village, the spaces in the relative open world will create a different tension. “We have taken a different approach by opening up to a village and the fact that players do not know what is hidden beyond the trees“stated Kanda.”Something that we must always keep in mind is the tension curve, some people become immune to the fear of being in constant tension or fearful situation“.

Those moments of solace -peace- are a buffer to ensure that terror does not happen, the safe rooms that are all over the Resident Evil saga they are a good example. There players can take a deep breath and know that they are safe.“.

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Resident Evil Village It will be the tenth installment of the saga and sequel to Resident Evil 7, two demos are already available on all platforms for their release. ¿You want to discover everything?

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