PlayStation App: Sony expands on the things you can do without touching your PS5

PlayStation App: Sony expands on the things you can do without touching your PS5

Sony promised it, and is already implementing it. The official PlayStation application that triumphs in app stores such as Google Play Store and the App Store, is adding new features that you are going to love to try: notification management, console storage management and even new filters for the PlayStation Store.

If you want to get the most out of your new PS5, you must download the official PlayStation application, free of charge, through the main application stores. As reported from Android Police, the Android application, already in version 21.4, is being deployed to users, and all these functions that we are going to point out should be already available or very close to receiving them.

Perhaps the most interesting addition we have with this new version of the application It is the possibility of deleting, from the application itself, any game that we are no longer using from the hard disk. In this way, we can manage the storage of the console directly from the app.

Its operation is very easy: download the latest version of the PlayStation App, look for the “storage management” option, and delete any games that you are no longer using. The only requirement you need is that the PS5 is in sleep mode. When you delete a game, the console will turn on for a few minutes, and when executing the operation it will return to the previous standby mode.

If you still don’t see this storage management option from the app, check that you have the latest version, or even re-link the app to the console.

This new version also allows us to join multiplayer sessions from invitations that we have pending to games, we can even compare all trophies with those of our friends. It is also possible, from the new options, to activate or deactivate group notifications.

Also from the PlayStation Store in the application, you have new search and sort filters to make it much easier to find what you are looking for.

These are all the new things you can do with the latest version of the PlayStation App:

  • New search filters on the PlayStation Store
  • Comparison of trophies with those of our friends
  • PS5 Storage Management
  • Ability to join a multiplayer session from game invites
  • We can share images, texts and links from other applications with friends in the application
  • Options to enable or disable group notifications

And the best thing is that we can do all this without having to touch the console.

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