New Pokémon Snap: How To Unlock All Routes And Progress Through The Story

New Pokémon Snap: How To Unlock All Routes And Progress Through The Story

In New Pokémon Snap for Nintendo Switch we tour the Lensis archipelago aboard a vehicle, the Neo-One, photographing wild pokemon. Throughout our adventure we will discover new islands, each with several routes, and many with day and night versions.

In this guide we will show you which are all the routes of New Pokémon Snap, in what order you unlock them and what you must do to open them.

New Pokémon Snap: how to unlock all routes

These are all New Pokémon Snap routes, divided into six islands. In parentheses we put the conditions to unblock that route. If you get stuck in history, here you will know how to continue. Remember that you should raise the level of the route whenever you can, which will determine the appearance of other Pokémon. Also, if you want to repeat a route on another level, press X from the map menu.

Floreo – Floreo Natural Park

  • Park (day) – Unlocked from the beginning
  • Park (night) – Go up to level 2 the Park (day)
  • Lúmini Zone – Complete Night Park once

Bellus – Jungle Frondos

  • Jungle (day) – Complete the first Lúumini Zone and go up to level 2 Park (night)
  • Jungle (night) – Go up to level 2 Park (day)

After completing the first two routes, you will unlock the islands of Voluc and Miriadis, which you can explore in any order.

Voluc – Arenascalientes Desert

  • Desert (day) – Go up to level 2 Jungle (night)
  • Desert (night) – Get to level 2 Desert (day)

Voluc – Laviscoso Volcano

  • Volcano – Discover the Lumini Desert Orb (make it a photo of an illuminated crystal flower in desert night) and go up to level 2 Desert (night)
  • Zona Lúmini – Take a photo of the ruins of the Volcano

Miriadis – Solrosada Beach

  • Beach (day) – Go up to level 2 Jungle (night)
  • Beach (night) – Unlocks Quimbamba Cavern (later)

Miriadis – Miriadis Reef

  • Arrecife (day) – Go up to level 2 Beach (day)
  • Reef (Sunset) – Complete the story of the game

Miriadis – Fose de Lensis

  • Seabed – Go up to level 2 the Reef (day)
  • Lúmini Zone – Haz a photo to a Frillish state Lúmini to unlock the Orbs of Miriadis. And open the alternative route in Seabed (throw a target at the Clawitzer).

After finding the Pokémon Lúmini in Voluc and Miriadis, we unlock a new route in Bellus.

Bellus – Changing Forest

  • Forest – Complete Voluc and Miriadis’ Lumini Pokémon
  • Lumini Zone – Go to Level 2 Changing Forest

Floreo – Base Camp

After finding the fourth Pokémon Lúmini in Bellus, we pause and return to the camp, which we can explore (although we access it from the main menu)

Durus – Algente Valley

  • Valley (day) – Complete Base Camp
  • Valley (night) – Go up to level 2 Valley (day)

Durus – Quimbamba Cavern

  • Cavern – Go up to level 2 Valley (night). And take a photo of the illuminated crystal flower in Valle día (look inside the great crack in the ground).
  • Lumini Zone – Go up the cavern to level 2, find the alternative route to the middle of the level and take a photo of the ruins

Aurum – Ruins of the Custody

  • Ruins – Complete the Durus Lumini Zone.
  • Lúmini Zone – You must go up to level 2 Ruins and take a photo of the ruins, and a Woobat with Lúmini effect to unlock the orbs. With the orbs of Aurum, repeat caverns and throw an orb to all the crystal flowers from the ruins to unlock this last Lumini Zone.

If you want more information, here you can read our analysis of New Pokémon Snap, and we give you the best tips to start playing and how to find all Legendary Pokémon. Remember to update the album to avoid disappointment!

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