Google re-filters its Pixel Buds A-Series headphones

Google Pixel Buds

To the already numerous rumors and leaks, today we add what we could practically call an “official” confirmation of Google’s still-unreleased Pixel Buds A, the next true Wireless headphones from the tech giant. And it is that far from the publications of third parties, in this case it has been Android’s own account which has republished «by mistake» a photograph and text expressly dedicated to the promotion of this device.

Yes OK this entry was quickly removed, in an account with hundreds of thousands of followers, the action was not fast enough to prevent the news and the captures of it from being spread by means such as 9to5Google.

So, in this publication we can see an image of the white Pixel Buds A on one of the Google phones (which could well be the new Pixel 5a 5G), along with its oval case and a text that anticipates that the new headphones will count with a renewed Fast Pair experience, which will allow us to pair via Bluetooth to the phone with a single touch. Furthermore, this text also reveals that the new model will be compatible with Android 6.0 and later versions.

As expected, the Pixel Buds A will be visually identical to current Pixel Buds, except for some changes in the color palette. Both the earbuds and the case will keep the same design as the original earbuds, but will eliminate the areas of black plastic found inside the case and at the ear tips. Instead, the black items will be the same color as the earbuds and outer shell for an all-white color scheme.

Finally, for those with more refined eyes, although the headphones’ pairing message itself covers a large part of the phone’s screen, we could not avoid looking at the rest of the content displayed by it, with a background that It is reminiscent of the commercial images of the Google presentation events, on which a date rests: Monday, August 3.

Unfortunately, it appears that this is only a stock image and not a covert leak, as it is a date that does not match this year’s calendar, for which it would correspond to Tuesday, August 3.

Regarding its price, we do not have any clear figures at the moment, although given the economic nature of the A series, and based on the price of the second generation of the basic Pixel Buds, it would not be surprising that the new Pixel Buds A came to be located in a price close to 150 euros.

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